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beetroot latte recipe

Beetroot latte

Beetroot latte recipe, sweet, delicious and healthy vegan latte recipe. It’s quick and easy to make requiring 5 minutes and 4 ingredients. When you are seeking out to sip on something warm,…

Banana oatmeal pancakes

Banana oatmeal pancakes

Banana oatmeal pancakes, healthy vegan breakfast recipe. 6 ingredient pancake recipe. I’m so lonely I’m…

raw carrot cake

Raw carrot cake

Raw carrot cake, easy vegan and gluten-free dessert recipe. Delicious and quick 9 ingredients cake.…

raspberry semolina porridge

Raspberry semolina porridge

Raspberry semolina porridge, quick and easy, sweet vegan breakfast recipe. Takes 15 minutes and only…

green pea soup

Green pea soup

It’s April the 4th, and until this day it was cold, and it has been…