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Almond milk (and other plant-based milk) is one of the staples in the vegan kitchen. Making homemade almond milk is something that even people like I used to be (beginners), will probably manage to make.
There are a few steps to follow, but even if you are a beginner in the kitchen, I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

There’s a certain type of people that love cooking and they are good at it. They take different ingredients and with ease make an amazing dish out of it. And then, there’s a type of people that are not that great at it. Cooking does not come naturally to those people. Everything seems hard, and even the simplest recipes seem to be too complicated. I used to be in the group nr 2. Maybe because of the laziness, fear of failure or maybe I was just incurious about cooking.

When I started to be more serious about learning my cooking skills (when I went vegan), I found out that cooking doesn’t need to be hard. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It gets as hard or easy as you are willing to make it. If you are a beginner in the kitchen, don’t worry. Start small and level it up, as you start to feel more comfortable. And you know what, even if you fail in making something, you should not just give up. Practice, practice, practice. Some day you will be great at it.

What you need to think about before making almond milk:

The first thing you need to do is to pre-soak almonds, overnight or 8 to 12 hours before making milk.

Soaking almonds break down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors and activate their full nutrient potential. Don’t skip this step. And the longer the almond soak, the smoother the milk will be.

Almond milk and other homemade plant-based milk use to naturally separate, but don’t worry about it. Just shake the bottle before use, and you are good to go.

If you like thinner milk use more water, and less water for thicker milk.

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