About me

Hi! I’m Emica. This is my blog where I share my favorite vegan and /or plant-based recipes with you all.

The recipes you’ll find here are meant to be an inspiration for you to try more plant-based and/or vegan food. All the recipes are my experiments, and this blog is my food diary. They are inspired by the Swedish cuisine (where I currently live) and by my Balkan background.

The recipes I love to make are quick, healthy-ish, using mostly produce, whole grains, natural sugar alternatives, but with as few ingredients as possible.

borscht recipe

Borscht soup

Borscht soup is a simple and delicious vegan soup recipe. Even though ingredients are simple…

beetroot latte recipe

Beetroot latte

Beetroot latte recipe, sweet, delicious and healthy vegan latte recipe. It’s quick and easy to make requiring 5 minutes and 4 ingredients. When you are seeking out to sip on something warm,…

seed crackers

Seed crackers

Seed crackers, easy and healthy vegan and gluten-free snack recipe. Crispy and crunchy, a perfect…

Tahini hot chocolate

Tahini hot chocolate

Tahini hot chocolate, healthy, creamy and thick vegan hot chocolate recipe. Quick and easy, 5…

Savory polenta muffins

Savory polenta muffins

Savory polenta muffins. Absolutely delicious, easy vegan muffin recipe with only 6 ingredients. If you’ve…

carrot graham bread

Carrot graham bread

Where I’m from bread is a staple food. Bread is the most essential part of…