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Coconut sugar cookies

Coconut sugar cookies

Cookies like these coconut sugar cookies are not very good for my waistline. Nothing wrong…

cacao coconut tart

No bake cacao coconut tart

No baked cacao coconut tart made under 15 minutes. no-bake quick easy few ingredients If…

Crispy oven baked lemon tofu

Crispy oven baked lemon tofu

Anything you can do, I can do vegan. Except for fish. Or can I? Some days I miss fish. And no, I’m not one of those vegans that became vegan because they…

apple crisp pie

Apple crisp pie

I’ve been making apple crisp pie for years. Every time I made it, I used…

apple pie smoothie

Apple pie smoothie

Apples are in season now. I probably wouldn’t even know that if I didn’t have…

carrot graham bread

Carrot graham bread

Where I’m from bread is a staple food. Bread is the most essential part of…

overnight oats

Strawberry overnight oats

As I mentioned many times before, breakfast shouldn’t take too long time to prepare. Standing…