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chocolate cake

Simple chocolate cake

I don’t even know how to describe this chocolate cake in the best way. It´s fudgy, but fluffy, with melted dark ch…

coconut mango tart

Coconut mango tart

Coconut mango tart with crisp, crunchy base and sweet, fruity filling. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Well, this is…

nice cream

Walnut nice cream

Who could know that one day, humanity will invent something so tasty and easy as nice cream? This walnut nice cream is s…

ice chocolate

Amaretto ice chocolate

Ice chocolate is a candy originating in Germany, but very popular during Christmas in Sweden and Denmark. It’s onl…


Frozen cherry cake

This is just another frozen cake people. I’m in love with raw frozen cakes (some people will call it cheesecake, b…